Synthetic Shadows

I'm just a girl taking pictures and being a sass mouth.
Philadelphia, PA
I want to make it the most exciting and amazing internet dating you have ever experienced.

It would be my only internet dating experience, so there’s no precedent to which you’d be held! You could literally just “show up,” so to speak, and be my best internet significant other EVER. Literally EVER. 

How does someone not go mad with that kind of power? Would you get lazy knowing there’s no competition, no internet skeletons in my internet closet to whom you are constantly being compared? Would you stop sending Starbucks gift cards via Facebook one day because hey, it’s just one day? Will the wink faces after every correspondence stop, leaving me to constantly wonder if you’re mad at me, or if you’re internet dating someone else?


I want to internet date you so hard.

This is my first fan mail (assuming we use the term loosely).

Thanks, worst-online-dater! Your blog is actually pretty funny!